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  1. Who We Are
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RMK Industries will assist in the sustainable growth of your business as well as develop your entrepreneurial skills.


RMK Industries is a network marketing, enterprise development and training firm based in Polokwane, Limpopo. RMK was incorporated with a vision of providing individuals, private and public sector entities with comprehensive professional services to access markets and facilitate finance. Running through our organization is a strong sense of obligation to serve different stakeholders who count on us to deliver quality service.


We provide distribution services, network marketing, training and advisory services to help clients with industry insight to excel in the dynamic and challenging environments in which they operate.


We assist individuals, institutions and entities to meet their challenges and respond to opportunities around them. In today’s environment individuals, institutions and entities have to deliver improved performance and still contend with an ever-widening range of risks that threaten their survival. In addition, the advent of globalisation makes multi-national operations the norm rather than the exception. These present additional challenges of operating in complex economic, financial, political and social systems as it increases competition.


Our focus is to provide producers with access to market, retailers with access to afforadable quality products and also develop entrepreneurs and communities in general.


We always adapt our experience, industry capabilities and resources to suit our customers’ needs and improve their capabilities. We work with a range of institutions, from small through to medium size, and individuals, from employees to ordinary community members. We get involved in various activities with our clients, from developing tailor made training programs to developing and funding business ideas. We provide our client with suitable solutions and where necessary connect them with suitable business partners.


What Makes Us Different


We act with integrity and uphold professional standards.

Exceptional Service

Our clients can count on our high professional standards and our ability to deliver services efficiently.

Creative Solutions

We provide our client with creative solutions and where necessary connect them with suitable business partners.

Impressive Results

We are committed to improving the lives of each and every client by guiding them every step of the way until they reach their goals.