: institute@rmkindustries.co.za | : +27 15 296 4695
: institute@rmkindustries.co.za | : +27 15 296 4695

Company Structure


It is a boutique corporate and community college that customised the delivery of its programmes to suit developing potential entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who are passionate to establish, operate and/or manage a business or department. It provides:

  • Customised courses for individual learner based on the recognition for prior learning (RPL);
  • Online blended courses to provide flexibility to it learners; and
  • Learnership based qualifications to ensure that learners are provided with practical business experience.


provides basic consumer products supply chain services. It is a platform that provides network partners with access to marketplace. It provides:

  • Retailers with access to funding, buying group, training and skilled employees;
  • Learners with access to education funding and workplace for practical experience;
  • Local suppliers with access to market; and
  • Investors with opportunity to invest in local entrepreneurs.


Is a digital investment marketplace that provides entrepreneurs with online business plan development and a platform to list their businesses for funding. It provides entrepreneurs with:

  • Simple online business plan development application with automated financial projections;
  • Affordable business development platform;
  • Training to develop their own business plans instead of relying on consultants; and
  • Pre and post investment training that prepares to execute the project.


Is a platform that list and facilitates small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to invest in a business venture and it assesses the viability, risk and returns based on the profile and industry of the venture. The division:

  • Broaden the investable universe for investors. Not all investors have the ability or resource to carry out fair and thorough credit analysis of all SMME funding applications.
  • Allows large number of SMMEs to competitively access to funding at a low transaction cost; and
  • Provides an investment rating that is easy to understand opinion from an independent party.
  • Allows market participants to make better informed and fair decisions