: institute@rmkindustries.co.za | : +27 15 296 4695
: institute@rmkindustries.co.za | : +27 15 296 4695



RMK Investment Marketplace (“RIM”) is a division that provides digital investment marketplace by offering the following services:

  • Online business plan development - The application that provides entrepreneurs with easy steps to develop their own professional business plans. RIB offers an online business plan development tool for entrepreneurs to be able to create their own business plans. Entrepreneurs will be provided with online business plan development training to empower them to be able to understand their businesses and industries
  • Investment Listing Exchange – the exchange will list businesses that require funding and provide investors with opportunities to invest in emerging businesses. Only business plans developed through RMK’s platform, verified and approved by RMK Investment Associates will be listed.
  • To be a leading business plan development and socially responsible investments platform in underdeveloped areas
  • To facilitate R500m worth of investments by 2024
  • Support 1 000 per annum entrepreneurs to develop their own business plans

Problems addressed

RIB platform acts as intermediaries between investors and businesses that require capital to grow and run their businesses. The platform addresses the inefficient and costly practise of entrepreneurs relying on consultant to develop their business plans and facilitate funding.

Participation Requirements

  • Successful completion of the business plan development training;
  • Completion of RMK’s online businesses
  • To list, the business plan will have to be verified and approved by RMK’s Investment Associate.