: institute@rmkindustries.co.za | : +27 15 296 4695
: institute@rmkindustries.co.za | : +27 15 296 4695

About RMK Industries


RMK is a technology-blended marketplace that provides training and enterprise development services. In addition to our accredited corporate training programmes, we have customised our services to look after the entire life cycle of an entrepreneur by providing the following services:

  • Pre-investment - business plan development training and online business plan development application.
  • Investment Facilitation - Corporate finance and private equity training, online business listing for funding, investment rating and due diligence.
  • Operation Support - Project management training, Omnichannel retail, supply chain and logistics.
  • Post-Investment - Finance for non-finance managers training and post-investment monitoring.
  • Performance Improvement - Business performance enhancement training and peer to peer Advisory Board.


Our vision is to become a global platform that decentralises business training through enterprise development.


Our mission is to provide decentralised training through enterprise development and centralised back-end operations (sharing economy) for entrepreneurs and learners in underserviced areas.


RMK developed efficient and easily accessible training programmes and online platforms that are customised to look after the entire life cycle of an entrepreneur.


Integrity We act with integrity and uphold professional standards.

Exceptional Service Our clients can count on our high professional standards and our ability to deliver services efficiently.

Creative Solutions We provide our client with creative solutions and where necessary connect them with suitable business partners.

Impressive Results We are committed to improving the lives of our network partners by guiding them every step of the way until they reach their goals.