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Training Program Target Days Learning Outcomes Fees
Finance for non-financial managers Managers and Business Owners 3 This course will take learners through the basics of finance. Upon completion, learners will understand and interpret financial jargon and information within the accounting system. In addition, the course will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skill to analyse financial statements with ease, manage budgets and profit margins with ease. R4500
Employee Financial planning (as part of employee wellness programs); Employees 1 This program is the first taken in any financial planning program. The theory and practice of certified financial planning are the primary topics covered in this class. Learners also delve into subjects such as cash flow analysis, financial ratios, college education planning, retirement planning, employment benefits and estate planning R3000
Strategic Planning Managers and Business Owners 1 This program contains information about the desirable characteristics, function, purpose and role of a team in business and how to develop and increase effectiveness and efficiency of a team in the workplace. The programme also discusses delegation, empowerment, leadership actions and recognising achievement. R5500
Sales and Marketing Managers and Business Owners 3 This program aim is for learners to understand the market mechanisms, looking at the aspects of supply and demand and investigates methods about tendering processes to secure business and also how to negotiate solutions. The main focus of the programme is however to develop and implement a marketing strategy. R5000
Managing Performance Managers and Business Owners 1 The program will assist to enhance leadership strengths by understanding performance management strategies. Delivering honest, ongoing, ethical and fair reviews. Solving typical performance management issues Knowing when to access HR support and tools. Creating a personal development plan to help you grow your performance management skills. Evaluate your performance management skills Recognising guidelines for applying performance management strategies R6000
Occupational Health and Safety Employees 1 Our occupational health and safety management courses provide you with in-depth training and skills to ensure awareness of the new internationally recognised standard for the occupational health and safety industry. Our training helps participants to develop professional skills for career enhancement, and enables you to improve the management of workplace-related occupational health and safety risks across your organisation. R2500
Project Management Managers and professionals 3 This program can significantly reduce projects risks because certified professionals have the knowledge to overcome obstacles and complete projects on time and under budget. R6500
Customer Service Managers and Business Owners 3 This program teaches the learners why customer service is important and how to provide excellent customer service. It helps the learner to identify the various customer types and to tailor their service to provide an enjoyable experience for the customer R5000
Help Desk Help desk and receptionist 2 The purpose of a Help Desk function is identified and explained in terms of its function in the organisation. In-bound Help Desk calls are handled according to operational requirements. Out-bound Help Desk calls are handled according to operational requirements. Data is maintained on a computerised system according to operational requirements. Customer complaints and queries are handled and resolved in an effective and professional manner. R3500
Individual Unit standards from End User Computing Office Workers - The program is to build the knowledge and skills required by learners in End User Computing. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Basic Computer R2500