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Deep Dive into Entrepreneurship

This program is an Entrepreneurship Boot Camp designed for underprivileged, smart and ambitious (“USA”) potential entrepreneurs and business leaders.



Targeted Audience

  • 1 000 potential entrepreneurs required;
  • Will earn R60 000 worth of accredited certificates and R40 000 worth of Mentorship for a registration fee of R5 250; and
  • 200 New Ventures to be created.


Method of delivery

  • 12 Months entrepreneurship boot camp;
  • Practical business experience;
  • Four months mentorship and incubation; and
  • 200 apprentices per District Municipality.


1 000 Rural Retailers to be assisted with:

  • Management and market development;
  • Funding facilitation; and
  • Business support and training.


Programme Outcomes

At the end of this qualification learners will:

  • Demonstrate an ability to identify and create a new venture;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of interpersonal skills required in a business environment;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic economics within market economy;
  • Manage a new venture by applying business principles and techniques; and
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the role of leadership and management.


|Cost | R 5 250 per learner (specials/group discounts are available)

| Duration | 12 months.

| Delivery Method | 6 four days contact sessions which are intensive with activities, group projects, assignments and presentations at the beginning of each contact session. Assessment - Learners will be assessed by Services SETA’s accredited assessors and moderators.



Start your own business through our entrepreneur apprentices program. This program is designed as an apprenticeship to help prepare and train learners for careers as skilled entrepreneurs. It combines supervised practical entrepreneurship-related training and classroom instruction to teach learners the practical and theoretical aspects of entrepreneurship. This program is:

  • for aspiring entrepreneurs, who wish to acquire the skills to establish, run and manage profitable and sustainable businesses. Individuals working within corporate environment whose responsibilities include growing profitability of a business unit will also benefit from this programme;
  • to empower learners to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required to operate confidently in the End User Computing environment; and
  • to develop young adults in initiatives designed to develop and integrate them into the entrepreneurship economy and society






The focus of this program is to develop entrepreneurs and communities by leveraging on existing infrastructures that are underutilised i.e. existing shops in rural areas, technology platforms, excess distribution space and existing logistics structures to efficiently deliver products to rural retailers and facilitate investments in underdeveloped areas.

CPE Program is a program for entrepreneurs and small businesses that links learning to action. Through the program, participants will gain practical skills in topics such as starting and managing of business ventures, project management, marketing, and retail & distribution operation that can immediately be put into action. In addition, our learners will receive tools and professional support to develop strategic and customised growth plans that will take their business to the next level.

The program is based on building a business infrastructure - a platform that will make it easier and cost effective for emerging entrepreneurs to setup businesses by providing them with the market. The program has the following building blocks:
- Toolbox – Make it easy for entrepreneurs to plug into the market;
- Magnet – to pull and attract participation through business support incentives, training and mentorship, efficient distribution system and good pricing model;
- Matchmaker – Matching quality emerging producers with access to market through rural retailers. Connect the needs of consumers with capabilities of suppliers.


We are looking for underprivileged, smart and ambitious (“USA”) potential entrepreneurs. Nothing matters but ambition, passion, drive, and ability to learn (fast).

RMK’s CPE Program is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who are passionate about starting/growing their businesses, creating jobs in their communities and who generally provide the following admission requirements:

  • Application form with admission motivation letter;
  • Testimonials from lecture/mentor/ community leader;
  • A letter of intent from local consumer goods retailer/host employer that is willing to provide the apprentice with practical learning or it is a retailer or is part of special program;
  • Admission test/ Interview  @ R250 (non-refundable); and
  • Registration fees– @ R5 000 {To be refunded from the proceeds raised from the capital raising initiatives)

 RMK manages the authentication process by assessing learners - conduct needs analysis of each learner and identifies the required interventions to unlock the potential of the learner or project.



Duration - 12 Months Full Time/18 Months Weekender
Depending on apprentices’ commitment, with minimal application and  registration fee of only R5 250, apprentices can earn themselves R60 000 worth of SETA accredited certificates, and business plan and mentorship worth R40 000. This training and incubation program gives apprentices an opportunity to develop own business plans and set-up their businesses while in a process they will earn themselves the following SETA accredited certificates:

Core and Fundamental Certificates:

  • New Venture Creation |NQF  Level 4 | SAQA ID 66249
  • IT: End User Computing |NQF  Level 3| SAQA ID 24293
  • Wholesale & Retail Operations |NQF Level 3| SAQA ID 58206   

Apprentices to choose one of the elective certificates:
Elective 1: Youth Development |NQF  Level 4| SAQA ID 57428

This elective is suitable for:

  • Learners passionate about youth development; and
  • Social Entrepreneurs.

Elective 2: Project Management |NQF Level 4 | SAQA ID 50080
This elective is suitable for:

  • Entrepreneurs in tendering and service supply; and
  • Special programs.

Elective 3:  Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices |NQF Level 4 | SAQA ID 50334
This elective is for:

  • Existing organisation posed for growth;
  • Learning organisations; and
  • Social Entrepreneurs.

Elective 4: Informal Small Business Practice |NQF Level 4 | SAQA |ID 58308
This elective is for:

  • Informal businesses;
  • Suppliers to the informal business; and
  • Catering businesses.

Application forms are available to express interest for this program and for more information, send us an email on:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or Fax: 086 571 4229

Postal Address: P O Box 886,
Thornhill, Polokwane, 0882
Website: www.rmkindustries.co.za


RMK Industries is accredited with the following institutions: