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RMK Industries offers mainly entrepreneurship related qualifications and related short courses. Our training programs are designed to overcome the lack of qualified and skilled entrepreneurs and managers and to reduce the skills gap that exists in in South Africa. We not only offer training but we also support learners to set-up new ventures and assist with sourcing funding. We offer responsive, flexible and quality training programmes that are accessible to learners at affordable fees through formal learning, skills development and learnerships.

New Venture Creation

Learners taking this program will be able to build a business model to become more successful in their entrepreneurial career. This program provides step-by-step instructions that leads learners through the process of evaluating an idea for a new business and then developing a strong business model. This program is designed to help both experienced and first time entrepreneurs. We will not only provide training but assist learners to develop strong business models to ensure that the new businesses that learners will be establishing have highest chance of success. We will supervise and mentor learners in the development of business plans and if the venture requires financing, we will facilitate the process. Learners will have a solid business model that will serve as a strong foundation to building a credible business.


Wholesale & Retail Operations

RMK will offer full qualification in wholesale and retail operations or short courses within the wholesale and retail operation qualification.

The qualifying learner will be equipped to excel in the wholesale and retail operations environment and will have experience in working in teams, will have learnt how to use technology, how to communicate effectively, how to solve problems and how to utilise related systems in his/her field of work. After successful completion of this program learners will be able to:
• Understand the sector in which they work; 
• Provide customers with a high level of service; and 
• Operate effectively and efficiently in their area of specialisation.

This qualification has been developed to allow people within the industry to advance in an area of specialisation or to move into other areas of specialisation in the sector.


Youth Development Program

The purpose of the program is to coach and mentor youth and to integrate them into the working economy and society. The program will teach learners about professional conduct, protocol, networking, process facilitation, managing projects, entry into the labour market, research, communication and various other areas. The program will facilitate access to, and mobility and progression of youth and general development practice education, training and career paths. The learners will have improved education, training and employment opportunities and can facilitate such opportunities for others.


End User Computing

RMK offers a full qualification in End User Computing or individual unit standards within the qualification.

Other programs include:
• SAGE Pastel, Partner and Evolution; 
• Municipal Finance Management; 
• Occupationally Directed Educational Training and Development practices; and
• Animal and Plant Production


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