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Business Development

  • Mentorship

    We offer the entrepreneurship development program that connects education, entrepreneurship and innovation. This training and mentorship program is where our experienced professionals provide learners with accredited New Venture Creation and End User Computing trainings, mentor them in building their own business model and creating their own business plan, facilitate further funding if required and support entrepreneurs during the start-up phase. Our program creates opportunities for inclusive sustainable economic growth and wealth creation in South Africa. We assist youth, women and rural entrepreneurs to develop practical skills and capacity to develop sustainable businesses, access to finance & markets and ensure appropriate enabling environment for enterprise development.

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  • Incubation

    We offer the retail development program, which is a national training and investment program that connects education, entrepreneurship and existing rural infrastructure. This incubation program is where our experienced professionals provide learners with accredited Wholesale and operations and End User Computing trainings, provide funding and support them in re-building and growing existing rural retail businesses. The program will assist learners to create their own business strategy, provide funding and support them during the growth phase.

    The objective of this program is to stimulate economic development in villages/townships by supporting rural retail entrepreneurs and facilitating funding, access to markets and capacity building. The program will create opportunities for sustainable economic growth for these businesses. We assist youth, women and rural entrepreneurs involved in rural retailing to develop practical skills. We increase the capacity and skilled entrepreneurs through one-on-one mentorships, peer-to-peer networks and mentorships, web-based networking and knowledge sharing tools.

    The key to sustainability of rural retailers is that they need to improve their stores and to have access to buy directly from manufactures at discounts. We provide the entrepreneurs with access to finance and to a distribution centres to be able to buy directly from manufactures. This will enable them to compete with large retailers and foreign traders in rural communities.

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  • Owner Driver Development

    The program focuses on developing a new skills set for the owner-drivers, including business skills, financial competence, time management, employee training and understanding of industrial relations and legislation. RMK Industries recognizes the need for SMME development in the road freight industry. The road freight industry has historically been dominated by the larger, more established operators, which has prohibited the entry of SMME’s and emerging operators.

    Emerging operators and startup businesses are considered high risk and do not enjoy the same rates and discounts to the larger, more established operators. Economies of scale also form a large factor; the RMK model will provide the owner drivers with economies of scale by servicing its retailers. Prudent investment in training and mentorship will increase the success rate of this program and RMK is confident that there is significant upside benefit to be gained for the drivers and the network.

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RMK Industries' Business Development is focused on developing economical sustainable and socilally resposposible businesses. The objective of RMK business development is to develop entrepreneurs.